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Contact: Nicholas Todorov
Contact: Justin Bondzulic
Contact: Clint McCulloch
Contact: Pringle Robertson
Contact: Sam Lardizzone
Description/Excerpt: Australian Stone Advisory Association
Contact: Angelos Spathis (BDM)
Description/Excerpt: Slip resistance testing
Contact: Nathan Blackwell
Contact: Seppo Karvonen
Description/Excerpt: Granite Quarries:
Bruce Rock, WA – Austral Coffee
Bruce Rock, WA – Austral Juparana
Esperance, WA – Desert Brown/Salmon Pink
Wallaroo, SA – Harlequin/Verde Fuoco
Wudinna, SA – Desert Rose
Padthaway, SA – Balmoral Green/Padthaway Green
Contact: Nick Crivelli
Contact: Anthony Stock
Contact: Michael Steel
Contact: Stephen Ketzer
Contact: Amanda McCurry
Description/Excerpt: Exclusive Australian distributor for PT D&W (Stonedepot Indonesia)
Contact: Bill Moisidis
Contact: Wayne Fitzgibbons
Contact: Louise Annetts
Contact: Gary Schwarz
Contact: Dino Spralja
Contact: James Woodyat
Contact: David Graham
Contact: Sunil Bhavnani
Contact: Stan Giaouris
Contact: Gary Isherwood
Contact: Simon Merlo
Contact: David Mark Tatler
Contact: Lou De Fazio
Contact: Geoff Iles
Contact: Peter Halliday
Contact: Hugo Bezerra
Contact: Anthony Santucci
Contact: Alan Davis
Contact: Alvaro Constantino
Contact: Paula Cowell-Yench
Contact: Helen Ray
Contact: Sid Sarkis
Description/Excerpt: Sandstone Quarries:
Mount White, NSW – Mount White ‘Brown’, ‘Pink’, ‘White’
Piles Creek, NSW – Piles Creek ‘Guinea Gold’ & ‘Cream’
Helidon, QLD – Warrego
Wondabyne, NSW – Wondabyne
Cattai, NSW – Gosford Buff
Contact: Andy Smith
Contact: Geoff Biddle
Contact: Sam +ACY- Annette Harb
Description/Excerpt: Granite Quarries:
Tocumwal, NSW – Riverina
Dundee, NSW – Steel Grey
Mudgee, NSW – Mudgee Red
Diorite Quarries:
Black Hill, SA – Austral Black/Adelaide Black/Imperial/Black Hill Norite/ Select Adelaide/Black Veined/Charcoal Grey
Contact: Brad Rizzolo
Contact: Chris Marsh
Contact: Phillip Sellars
Contact: Bruce Wymond
Contact: Richard Bowman
Contact: Milva Mazzugia
Contact: Peter McKenzie
Contact: Bernard Clifford
Contact: Brendon Lazaroo
Description/Excerpt: Reseller of stone
Contact: Mario Siketa
Contact: Darren Hyde
Description/Excerpt: Manufacturer and installer of Stone Benchtops
Contact: Christine Boak
Description/Excerpt: Specialise in the cleaning and restoration, and conservation of stone and other substrates.
Contact: Emma Tschannen
Contact: Wade Ward
Contact: John Tzaferis
Contact: Scott Lardner
Contact: Mr Phillip Teuma
Contact: Greg Curie Dupont
Contact: David West
Description/Excerpt: Consultant
Contact: Cosimo Giove
Contact: Ian Lamble
Description/Excerpt: Granite Quarries:
Black Hill, SA – Austral Black
Bruce Rock, WA – Austral Juperana
Jerramangup, WA – Albany Green
Benambra, VIC – Snowy River Pearl
Tennant Creek, NT – Dreamtime
Basalt Quarries:
Deer Park, VIC – Deer Park Bluestone
Contact: Michael Bulloch
Contact: Tim Christopher
Description/Excerpt: Stone Fixer
Contact: Michael Nachabe
Description/Excerpt: Supply and install various types of stone for commercial projects
Contact: Richard Mackenzie
Contact: Keith Francis
Description/Excerpt: Commercial cleaning
Contact: Daniel Zovko
Contact: Emilio Casellas
Contact: Emilio Casellas
Contact: Andrew Nunn
Contact: Peter Ralf Nissen
Contact: Mike Marsoun
Contact: Antoni Roki
Contact: Frank Pasqualini
Contact: Christian Pastorino
Contact: Douglas Webb
Contact: Peter Robertson
Contact: Michael Hepp
Contact: Emina Micevski
Contact: Carl Strautins
SAI Sandstone
Contact: Bob Xiao
Description/Excerpt: SAI Sandstone are developing a reputation as a reliable supplier of popular natural stone products. To date they are primarily active in Victoria, but they are gradually expanding their horizons. The company markets imported bluestone, granite, travertine and sandstone to more than 50 retailers of natural stone products located in Victoria.

The company also supplies stone to Melbourne City Council and their products have been specified in a number of civic and commercial projects, including those illustrated.

Their goal is to provide a complete service which includes a positive approach to meeting client demands, backed by hassle – free solutions to any problems which arise. Special shapes and designs can be produced, backed by fast, accurate processing which is carried out locally
Contact: Duncan Blyth
Contact: Stephen Shelly
Contact: Raewyn Phillips
Contact: Bruno Repeti
Description/Excerpt: PO Box 442, Haberfield NSW 2045
Contact: Andrea Tomaselli
Contact: Simon Gabriel
Description/Excerpt: Visit our solutions websites:
Contact: Kerry Roberts
Contact: Kerry Anne Boer
Contact: Philip Chong
Contact: Colin Cass
Contact: Chris Ilias
Description/Excerpt: Importer of natural stone and Wholesaler of stone
Contact: Laurence Scodellaro
Contact: Leo Lombardo
Contact: Kelsey Toohey
Contact: Chris Tillett
Contact: Tim Wong
Contact: Lia Tatasciore
Contact: Michael Baldan
Contact: Simon Monteath
Contact: Kostas Kalpakidis
Contact: Sophie Skliros
Contact: Bill El-Cheikh
Contact: Albert Kraan