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In January 2011 we commenced sales of Version I of the ASAA Natural Stone Design Manual. Modelled on the Marble Institute of America Dimension Stone Design Manual, the ASAA Natural Stone Design Manual comprehensively covers geology, stone selection, installation, care, maintenance and restoration. Contains references to applicable standards and test methods, an extensive glossary, and list of quarries, prime suppliers of stone and related allied products. The manual exceeds 350 pages. Each section has been carefully peer reviewed. A licensed digital copy is available for download or on CD version. The Slip Resistance section was recently updated following the recent introduction of Handbook 198.


ASAA Director Colin Cass recently confirmed that Standards Australia are not going to produce a stone standard. Colin Cass advised, “I believe the ASAA manual will be the de-facto Australian standard for the design, selection, installation and maintenance of stone. The manual provides guidance on the selection of stone, the design of the system, installation details as well as maintenance. The people who worked on the ASAA manual have a wealth of knowledge and experience and the document has been reviewed by respected industry professionals. I am sure that there will be a few glitches, but continuing peer review will see this manual become the essential guide for the stone industry.”

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